Injustice Poems

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Moral poem about injustice and selfishness

Injustice Poems

A moral poem about injustice and selfishness

The only thing I can do is write this

When I look at the people on the street begging
I wish they had a better life and homes too
I give them anything I find in my pocket
There is nothing else I can possibly do

When I think about all the ill people in the world
My heart shrinks and gets small
And I pray for them to get better
There is nothing else I can do at all

I feel really sad and my heart becomes stone
When I see people injured in war or maybe dead
And I can’t do anything without getting involved
All I can do is wish for the war to be over instead

When I see the old and poorly all alone inside
I wish I could have the ability to clone
So I can make thousands like myself
And stay with all of them so they won’t feel alone

I don’t know what is wrong with this world
It has so much injustice and selfishness
I am powerless I cannot change it
The only thing I can do is write this

Β Β© 2007 Marinela Reka

Moral poem about injustice and selfishness, marinela reka

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25 Responses to Moral poem about injustice and selfishness

  1. laura says:

    I am so impressed by your talent, and your heart, Marinela. What a lovely little corner of the world you have here. Keep writing!

  2. Carole Anne Carr says:

    Thanks for your support, Marinela, and I love your beautiful poems and website…hugs….Carole.

  3. “The only thing you can do is write this” and what a blessing it is! You have the ability to touch many lives through what you write. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Kim says:

    Beautiful! So glad you commented on my site so I could learn about yours! However, I am a great believer in one person can make a difference.

  5. Amy Tate says:

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. You’re very talented, and I enjoyed reading YOUR work. Keep up your writing – you never know where it may lead!

    God Bless You,


  6. Janet says:

    Hi Marinela,you have great talent,i would never never have believed the author of such a deep and powerful poem was 12. It will be quite something to see you grow girl.
    Your line of thought shows much love,empathy for humanity.I love them really. Let the Poet’s voice be heard, through paper and pen.

  7. Marinela says:

    Thank you so much everyone, your encouraging comments help me to carry on writing and appreciate my work. Your wise and heart filling words make all of the difference to my mood πŸ™‚

    a word will help me
    when the atmosphere is grim
    a boost in my mood

    i look forward to seeing you on my website again!

  8. Marinela, your passion is inspiring. Writing can be very powerful. I am very impressed by yours.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my little poem.

  9. Hi Marinela I saw your comment on my site and decided to come and take a look at yours and I’m so very glad I did. What a great talent you have and what great poems you write. I only wish I could write half as well. I am Buddhist by the way and my way of doing things is generally to write humorous poems in order to make people laugh. I would quite like to put a link to your site on mine if you think it would be appropriate. However I will not be offended if you do not. Our first grandchild was born recently and I am hoping to write more poems especially geared towards children and also some more serious stuff. I also would quite like to publish one of your poems under the category of favourite poems by other authors on my site, if you would give permission.

  10. Marinela says:

    Yes you are right Juliet

    writing is a powerful thing
    but it can also make me content
    it is a joyful and challenging way
    for my time to be spent !

    yvonne, of course i will exchange links with you, it would by my pleasure!
    I do give you my permission to put my poem under the category of favorite poems by authors on your site! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much both of you for commenting on my website πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks very much the pleasure is all mine x

  12. john tiong chunghoo says:

    Lovely poem. thank you so much for your thoughts

  13. Jane says:

    I would just like to say that this is amazing work. I think that it;s amazing and totally unfair that you have this talent at such and age!

    Good luck x

  14. Marinela says:

    John and Jane thank you so much for your warm comments


    Life is a great gift
    given to us by our God
    it is challenging

    Jane you have no need to feel envy of my gift as I am sure that you have a fantastic talent that I wish I can have!

    Once again thankyou!

  15. LEXI says:

    I was looking through poems for my course work and i came across these-i just want to say that u can always take my gcse English for me ! im struggling on poetry and i think that your talent is outstanding . Good luck for the future and thanks for all the inspiration xxx
    ALEXANDRA (lexi )

  16. Marinela says:

    Hi Lexi I am glad that you liked my poems! good luck in your GCSEs, you will do great!!!! it is good to know that my poems were your inspiration! Thank you for your comment!


  17. irenet says:

    Marinela, You’re same age as my son. He’s nothing like you. Keep up your good writing. Read a lot too.

  18. Marinela says:

    Thank you for the lovely comment irenet,I really appreciate your advise πŸ™‚

  19. Llemadeo says:

    Urime per krijimtarine tuaj!
    Ju uroj qe te mund te shkruani poezi edhe ne gjuhen e origjines!
    Gjithe te mirat!

  20. Marinela says:

    Pershendetje Llemadeo,
    faliminderit shum per urimin, natyrisht qe do mundohem ne te ardhmen qe te shkruaj edhe shqipt.

    Gjith te mirat

  21. billly says:

    this is simply beautiful! a classic… really a wonderful truth. πŸ™‚

  22. tara says:

    thank you for your kind comment on my photographs.

    Funny, the sentiments you express in this poem are very similar to something I recently wrote, “Shit happens. The only power I have is to write about the thing.”

    The world is overwhelming, is it not?

  23. angie van wyk says:

    You are amazing and so much compassion for everybody not seen by a 12year old. You definately received a gift and make use of it. Keep on writing .God bless you dear child love you much

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