Imagination funny poem

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Imaginative and fun poem

Imagination funny poem

Imagination funny poem – Kids Poetry

With one million pounds I would

With one million pounds I would…
Buy a pony to ride all day
I would buy a house
For me and the pony to stay

The house would be as big as a castle
So that I will always be able to hide
Oh and because of all my pets
It would have to be in the countryside

I would get a Ferrari and a Lamborghini
A helicopter and airplane
I think I would get a vet
In case my animals feel pain

I would own a magazine
Named after me
I would also own a ferry
Which floats on the sea

A very big dog
I would definitely buy that
But if I do, it would fight
With my wild cat

I would love to have all that money
It would be so much fun
I could buy anything I want
Without asking my mum

© 2006 Marinela Reka

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2 Responses to Imaginative and fun poem

  1. Mahesh says:

    Very nice words. You got simple talent, which is important in this complex world.

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