Fussy Eater Poem

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I am a fussy eater

Fussy Eater Poem

Fussy Eater Poem – Children Poems

I am a picky eater
I always have been really
Cauliflowers make me poppy
And broccoli’s make me queasy

Brussels sprouts make me boil with a stream
Obviously fish make me frizzy
Livers make me vomit
And dairies make me dizzy

Rice Pudding makes burp
Smelly cheese takes me apart
Eggs give me a bally ache
And beans make me fart

Porridge makes me vomit
Jelly is too flat
Fruits make me skinny
And junk makes me too fat

Bread makes me sneeze
Pepper is too small
I am such a bad fussy eater
I am stuck eating nothing at all

© 2006 Marinela Reka

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