Hope Palindrome Poem

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Hope Palindrome Poem

Hope Palindrome Poem

Hope Palindrome Poem – Poetry Workshop

A Palindrome poem it makes sense if you read it forward and backward. They can be tricky to write and pretty hard to think up but they are great fun to play with words. They can be based on anything and length can vary. It can be funny or emotional depending on the writer. Give it a go, hope you will have a good time writing (:

This is an Example  of the type of the verse that I wrote 


Whispers constantly
And never stops
– Dreaming –
Stops never and
Constantly whispers

© 2010 Marinela Reka


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27 Responses to Hope Palindrome Poem

  1. Ramesh Sood says:

    Marinela writes beautiful lines beautiful write Marinela.. I think I did a little.. well Marinela.. always a pleasure reading you.. and getting in touch with you… in fact it was your page with which Perhaps I started learning about poetry.. you are among my teachers.. thanks MARINELA.. Its Children’s Day today in India.. Here’s wishing you a Happy Children’s Day.. and thanks your wish on first anniversary of my page..

  2. Pietro says:

    I enjoy this nice poem, Marinela. Poems are palindrome in the words whereas phrases are palindrome in the letters. I am thinking of:
    “È non è non è” (is is not is not)
    “Si sedes, non is; si non sedes, is” (If you sit, you don’t go; if you don’t sit, you go)

    Happy Sunday!

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  4. Nessa says:

    That was wonderful.

  5. dustus says:

    I’m inspired to try this form after reading your post. Great work. TY Write on!

  6. Hilary says:

    HI Marinela .. that was fun .. and some really wise words and thoughts to ponder .. thanks – have a good week – Hilary

  7. Petty Witter says:

    Never mind tricky, this is so very clever. I hope you don’t mind me putting a link to it.

  8. libithina says:

    Ha I really enjoyed that .. very interesting .. can’t stop myself from reading it and reading again 🙂 .. Nice One Marinela

  9. shan says:

    Clever! I see what you did there…I think !

  10. Leslie White says:

    I would probably go “batty” trying to write one, Marinela, but this one you have written is absoltely beautiful. Wroteit down to re-read tomorrow.Thanks!

  11. jabblog uk says:

    This is quite a difficult form to write I think , but fun:-) Well done!

  12. budhaaah says:

    lovely concept, nice work 🙂

  13. Kelly says:

    Very clever!! I’ve always found palindromes fascinating.

  14. Chris G. says:

    Nice palindrome – always an interesting form to see done effectively. A difficult type of poem, but you did well with it – clever little piece, simple but effective.

  15. catdownunder says:

    purrowling in to meet a purroet – prrrrrr!!!!

  16. Michelle says:

    Deceptively simple. Beautiful.

  17. Nimue says:

    I love this ! totally !! It was amazing read ! And i liked the style too .. Going to try this 😀

  18. valari says:

    what a beaaaauuutiful poem 🙂

  19. Louise Hastings says:

    Hi Marinela, I was thinking of writing a poem of hope! This is beautiful and simple. Love it xx

  20. karenee says:

    I’ve long admired palindromes (though I didn’t consider what they might be named). Must write one someday!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It gave me the chance to come to yours. I admire the educational information you tuck in here and there.

  21. With hope, begets miracles 🙂 Both way made senses and so are we 😛

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  23. Desiree says:

    Excellent poem Marinela! When i read this poem i was inspired by it. Keep up the good work 🙂

  24. margherita bruno says:

    It’s so simple and direct, perfect . Love it.

  25. margherita bruno says:

    it’s simplle, very clear the message, I love it.

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