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Halloween Poems For Kids

The Only Day A Year

A time when the witches come out to play
And the vampires are not afraid to bite
The cats are innocent no longer
And the zombies put up a fight
Monsters walking down your road are usual
All sorts of creatures turn up at your door
No one cares if there’s a finger laying about
Or mysterious blood on the floor
The children of the city have been programed
To repeatedly shout trick or treat
And its the only day of the year
When a walking pumpkin and a ghost meet
The only time its accepted to roam the streets
looking scary and being mean
It is that day; the only day
That we all call halloween

Copyright © 2011 Marinela Reka


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19 Responses to Halloween Poems For Kids

  1. Eh? 28th? Have I missed something? Since when did Halloween become a movable feast? If Halloween is now the 28th, when is All Saints?

  2. London says:

    Love how you use powerful and convincing, beautiful poem for the occasion.

  3. Israr says:

    well..nice poem…but as hercule poirot says… Halloween is not a time for the telling of the stories macabre, but to light the candles for the dead. Come, mes amis, let us do so.

  4. stuti says:

    that is so cuteee 🙂 i really liked this juvenile poem written for the juvenile…

  5. stuti says:

    that is so cuteee 🙂 i really liked this juvenile poem written for the juvenile…
    thanks for visiting my blog, m glad you liked the post 🙂

  6. Hi Merinela, you too have a beautiful site, and love your poems.. I have Bookmarked you site. Thank you for dropping by my Dreamwalker Sanctuary and leaving me your footprint. I shall be back… But I walk Indian Time 😉 … so don’t think I will have forgotten you..
    You have much talent.
    Enjoy your weekend..

  7. kalai says:

    Interesting blog…. nice poem…
    Thanks 4 ur comment…..

  8. That is such a cute poem! and the picture is adorable, too!!! Your blog is great!!!

  9. get zapped says:

    This made me smile real big! Thank you and Happy Halloween 🙂

  10. lily riani says:

    wow…… you are sooo good! i wish i am half as good.

  11. Pietro says:

    I’ve read with pleasure this fine poem, Marinela, so well written and rhymed!
    Happy weekend!

  12. penpusherpen says:

    Your poem really brought home Halloween Marinela, and described it so well, enough so, that I shall stay indoors with locks safely bolted. 😀 xPenx

  13. Here Halloween comes on the 31st of October…My son already celebrated at school yesterday…Scary stuff is everywhere…Your poem is spot on 🙂

  14. You wrote out the Halloween holiday quite well.

  15. Sparkz says:


  16. Great Halloween poem for kids ! Beautifully composed and conveying the essence & spirit of Halloween !

  17. Hilary says:

    What a fun poem. I’m sure the kidlets will love it.

  18. DCW says:

    May your vampires all react in a lighter vein.

  19. Meri says:

    Thanks for visiting. And your poem reminds me of when I saw a bumblebee and a Washington Monument walking down the street, side by side.

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