Haiku poem for children

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Haiku poems – Kids Smiles

Haiku poems – Kids Smiles

Haiku Poems – Kids Smiles 

Kids Smiles

The kid’s smiles spread
And so does the atmosphere
They make the world spin

© 2009 Marinela Reka

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3 Responses to Haiku poems – Kids Smiles

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  2. favour says:

    keep up the good work and send me a copy of your best poem ever written by you.

  3. Alan Summers says:

    Take a look at the haiku contest we will be opening on Earthday (April 22nd). We want to make an impression on schools in Britain, America and Japan, as well as schools from other countries.

    Haiku contest weblink: Earthday Haiku Contest 2010

    all my very best,

    With Words & Area 17

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