Funny Poem

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Funny Poem

Funny Poem for Kids – Silly Poem 

Is nothing wrong with being a bit silly

Some people act stupid
And some people just are
But nobody can be as stupid as me
Nobody can take stupidity so far

I was doing gardening with my cousin
And instead of planting a seed, his shoes I planted
And in the middle of a serious test
I screamed out; ‘pewee someone has farted!’

I somehow got into the back of my sister’s bed
And I could not get back out
While everyone was quiet in class
‘This is boring’, I had to shout

I was bored with the same hairstyle
So I gave my hair a little snip
I also covered my face with fake blood
My mum nearly had a fit

I put a little bit of weight on
And I thought it was really bad
So I would not stop moaning until it had gone
And everyone thought I was mad

But being a little stupid
It can be really fun
I suppose there is nothing wrong with being a bit silly
As long as you are not being dumb!

© 2005 Marinela Reka

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  1. Noel says:

    well done Marinela

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