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Fruits had a fight

Fruit Poems

Fruit Poems – Poetry About Fruits

Fruits had a fight

One day the fruits in my basket
Had a little fight
It was actually quite long
As it lasted day and night

They were fighting about
Who tastes sweet?
And who do people
Like the most to eat

The banana said,
“I am soft and easy to chew”
But then apple said,
“I am delicious and better than you”

The pear shouted,
“I have a very nice shape”
“But I am easy to put in peoples mouth”
Screamed the grape

The orange whispered,
“I am lovely and juicy”
But the strawberry answered,
“My colour is red so you are not better than me”

The plum muttered, “ I am the best
So don’t make me cross”
The peach answered, “ I am spectacular,
So stop acting like the boss”

The tomato said, “ People think I am a vegetable
So I can easily lie”
The cherry thought he was the greatest
But other fruits made him cry

The lemon said I am useful for everything
I think I am the best
The pineapple answered, “ It is only I
That is tasty, well that’s what I suggest”

The mango yelled,
“When people eat me they say I am great”
The apricot roared, “you are nothing compared to me,
so why should I be afraid?”

The avocado said, “I am yummy”
And shrieked really loud
The fig said, “ People couldn’t stop eating me
I make myself extremely proud.”

So the fruits in my basket
Did not want to be polite
So I think I have to tell them
What’s wrong and what’s right?

I didn’t want the fruits to have a fight
I want them to have fun
But what can I do now
They made me eat them one by one

© 2006 Marinela Reka

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12 Responses to Fruits had a fight

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  2. hannakay wilbert says:

    this is very good how old where you when you wrote it

  3. bob says:

    Great great, really beautiful styled wordings

  4. Marinela says:

    hannakay thanks for your nice comment , I was about 10 years old when i wrote that piece.
    Thank you bob I am grateful that you took your time to read my poertry.

  5. freko says:


  6. Marinela says:

    Thank you freko

  7. Finn Halligan says:

    I think that this is very much a strange take on a WW1 poem. It was started to see who was best. In the end they were all equal and bankrupt, represented by you eating them all. Or perhaps it’s just about a beautiful girl who finds some fruit fighting in a bowl. How odd! very well done

  8. vivek says:

    very good

  9. satwik says:


  10. vivek says:


  11. satwik says:


  12. Thabiso says:

    Dude,u kept it in a gud pace n yoh i wud lyk 2 gv u all da credit i v on ur creatvty u hd it all,gud shot!!!8-)

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