Short Poems - Alliteration Poems

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February poem for children

Short Poems – Alliteration Poems

Short Poems – Alliteration Poems


February, full of fun
Snowflakes surprising the sun
Wind whistles wildly
Fragrant flowers form mildly

© 2010 Marinela Reka

February poem for children

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9 Responses to February poem for children

  1. Kass says:

    I love the design of your blog. Your poems are beautiful. I love how creative you were the the Valentine poem. I’m very happy to find your blog. Thank you for stopping by mine.

  2. Short Poems – Marinela Reka .com » Blog Archive » February | Drakz Free Online Service says:

    […] link: Short Poems – Marinela Reka .com » Blog Archive » February Share and […]

  3. Andy Sewina says:

    Nicely written, I just had a quick flick through your home page ~ very enjoyable read, thank you.

    btw, I found your link on Jack Sender’s blog.

  4. Sherry says:

    Love your beautiful blog!

    Great poem and the photo is gorgeous.

  5. Nita Jo says:

    Thanks for your comment on my story. I planned to do a cheery story for Valentine’s Day, but that’s what came.

    I enjoyed reading through some of your poetry! I’ll be back again!

  6. Marinela says:

    Thank you so much everyone for your lovely compliments. I am really glad you liked the poem =]

  7. mia says:

    sweet & lovely…i have so enjoyed the snow this winter.

  8. Marinela says:

    Thank you Mia 😀

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