Diamante Poetry

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Diamante Poetry

Diamante Poetry

Girls – Boys

Smart, talkative
Fiddling, helping, caring
Beauty, fairy. Mischief, football,
Playing, messing, screaming
Crazy, peevish

  © 2011 Marinela Reka

Diamante poem about boys and girls

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4 Responses to Diamante Poetry

  1. Ramesh Sood says:

    Well Marinela.. you have defined well oh, boy!

    My 300th post is place on OSI… welcome..

  2. Leslie White says:

    I like how much this portrays a running together of the genders, Marinela. I don’t think they need to be two different colors in the writing. I have a lot of the male traits as well as female and this poem leaves that open to be true. Lovely!!!

  3. so cute, divine imagery, welcome sharing your work with us today.

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