Acrostic Poem about Cats

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Cats Acrostic Poem

Haiku Poem

Chasing all the mice
Acting innocent and nice
Trouble in my eyes

© 2009 Marinela Reka

Acrostic Poem about Cats

Acrostic Poem about Cats

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5 Responses to Cats Acrostic Poem

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  2. This whole blog is just beautiful. Thanks for visiting my Lady and leaving a comment. We’ll be back for sure.

  3. Jim says:

    You write nice haiku if there is any. I really did like your cinquain, Peacock. This is new to me, to make it feel ‘poetic’ a careful word selectrion is needed for sure.
    But those magic shoes are the best. I have a friend who needs to read it. I am afraid she is getting to be a bitter person.
    BTW, I came looking for the prompt for Haiku Bones, ‘Bamboo.’ I did not find it. Thank you for peeking in on mine. 🙂

  4. Boonsong says:

    This is great. I love Haiku – seventeen syllables of wonder – and this is good Haiku. Thanks for this.

    All the best, Boonsong

  5. valari says:

    aww how cute 🙂

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