Bullying Poem - Kids Poetry

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Bullying Poem – Kids Poetry

Bullying Poem – Kids Poetry

Bullying Poem – Kids Poetry

This is a short poem for kids about bullying. Bullying is very wrong.

Can’t you see?

Why do you?
Runaway and scream
Why do you?
Let them be so mean?

Stand up for your self
That’s all you’ve got to do
Why do you stand by?
And let them do this to you

Don’t sit down
Like you just don’t care
Why do you let them,
Be so unfair?

They are bullying you
So don’t sit down like an elf
Get off that sit
And stand up for yourself

© 2006 Marinela Reka

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3 Responses to Bullying Poem – Kids Poetry

  1. AYa says:

    so true, yet no one wants to admit it.

  2. tarleha says:

    hello they are kool

  3. Gracie says:

    I am in 7th grade and i am 13. I was bullied, and when i did stand up for myself, they beaat me with a bat and lef me to die in a local pond. I was legally dead for over 3 minutes. That was when i was 10, and i still can’t be near big pools of water. Tell an adult, dont take them on yourself, an misstake i ade myself. I never go outside now, since i have a huge scar on my left cheek. What do you think about standing up for yourself now?

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