Broken Heart Love Poems

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Broken Heart Love Poems

Broken Heart Love Poems

Broken Heart Love Poems

I Miss My Smile

Without the beauty of your eyes
The beauty of life has faded away
Now that you have disappeared
My joy disappears day by day
Without your voice, I am a dead man
Without you beside me I am blind
Now that our love is lost
Everything else is impossible to find
You made me complete, I’m in pieces
You lifted my soul, I am down
All the laughing, joy and happiness
Is now only despair and frowns
I miss the butterflies in my stomach
I miss all of the golden time
With all my heart I miss your smile
But not as much as I miss mine

© 2012 Marinela Reka

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11 Responses to Broken Heart Love Poems

  1. DCW says:

    Nicely ended. Really captures the feeling.

  2. Raajii says:

    Awww… so beautifully done 🙂

  3. Nation Tips says:

    Wise observation, enjoyed it very much!

  4. Pietro says:

    Very well written, Marinela, with meaningful shades.

  5. alejandra says: heart was broken 2 by somebody that i really loved.

  6. alejandra says:


  7. maria says:

    this pomes are so nice omg i am white and i dont like that i want to be mexican

  8. SaucyKod says:

    Very nicely done – Thankyou so much for visiting my Blog. I appreciated your comments. I am coming back to read some more of yours. You are a most talented young lady. Cheers, Lilly

  9. Ravindra says:


  10. Ravindra says:

    NiceThere’s no pleasure now in the candyfloss,
    This world seems to be so unsubstantial,
    I think, feel and act like a vagabond,
    And it’s been ages since I cared about laws…

    I tried to capture my happiest moments,
    But they slipped like sand from my hand.
    I guess it will take an eternity to bring it back,
    Or I would need a miracle or a magic wand.

    I’m growing old very quickly,
    And my life seems like an ant in the storm,
    Not knowing when the wind would come,
    And pluck me up and take away my warmth..

    All this might look too remorseful,
    All this might seem out of rhyme,
    But all that I can assure is that,
    It’s just a tainted symphony of a bewildered mind…

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