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Limericks, Boris Johnson

There is a man Boris Johnson is his name
Many think he is brilliant, others think he is lame
His motto is to be firm but fair
Well I think his fame is due to his blonde hair
He’s crazy but always plays a good game

When London was covered with snow
All buses had to stop, as you all know
I have got to admit Boris is pretty cool
Because of snow he shut down every school
To lessons we did not have to go.

Poor Boris the trouble he got into
I guess he didn’t think it was such a big issue
They all said shutting down buses was wrong
But Boris remained confident and strong
And then walked out of the meeting too!

Copyright © 2009 Marinela Reka

Boris Johnson

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One Response to Limericks, Boris Johnson

  1. billly says:

    these are great! i love a good character & linked verses… cool.

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