Adult Poems

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Being an adult poem

Adult Poems

Adult Poems – Children Poems

I wrote this poem when I was a child, short rhyming poem about the benefits and disadvantages of being an adult

Being an adult

Being an adult
Nobody can look after you
A tear will mean shame
Some have nothing
Others have so much fame
Being an adult
Nobody will sing you a lullaby
You will go out on your own
You don’t need permission
To talk on a phone
Being an adult
Nobody can say
“What did you waste your money for?”
It’s all your choice
What you buy in the store

© 2003 Marinela Reka

Poems that I wrote when I was at the age of 6 to 8

Being an adult poem

Being an adult poem

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3 Responses to Being an adult poem

  1. SteveM says:

    From an adult perspective – this poem is a little sad – maybe poignant is a better word. Brings to my mind the child-like simplicity most adults loose, and vividly contrasts with why adults would say if they were to be asked what it means to be an adult. Yet I think the words still have much truth to them.
    It’s good you say what age you were when you wrote it because it gives the poem a genuineness that it wouldn’t otherwise have.

    cheers and thanks for commenting on my website 🙂

  2. Margaret says:

    It is LOSE.. not LOOSE.

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