Alliteration Short Poem

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Alliteration Short Poem

Alliteration Short Poem

Alliteration poem about animals

Four frogs

Four frustrated frogs
Fighting in the frost
Freezing breezing sneezing
Four fragile frogs
Frozen in the frost

© 2010 Marinela Reka

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26 Responses to Alliteration Short Poem

  1. Very cute poem. I going to enjoy sharing it with my daughter, she loves alliteration. Thanks 🙂

  2. Shawn says:

    Love your wallpaper and love the alliteration. Very fun.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I was glad to be introduced to you in your comment.

  3. Pietro says:

    Very fine alliteration poem, perfect choice of the words.
    Happy new week, Marinela 🙂

  4. Hilary says:

    Hi Marinela .. I loved that & I’ll read it to my mother .. as she will too .. and the picture is great – I can show her that on the laptop when I get it set up – up there .. thanks really fun .. Hilary

  5. Petty Witter says:

    poor frogs. Thanks for yet another great verse and for opening my eyes to another form of poetry.

  6. Punam says:

    That’s nice, Marinela.. good one.

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  9. Jingle says:

    super lovely post.

  10. nessa says:

    Fantastically fun.

  11. Jingle says:

    How are you, friend?

    Glad to land on your exciting poetry land here.

    Welcome linking in a poem to our potluck today, Thanks in advance!

    Some awards will be assigned upon participation.


  12. Leslie White says:

    Did you draw these frogs, Marinela? I like the composition of one leading into the other. Nicely written poem, but made me sad to think they had not burrowed in before the frost.

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  14. Arta says:


    Faleminderit per viziten tek vogelushet,

    Poezite e tua jane shume te kendshme, me pelqyen shume. Me ler dy rreshta kur te frymezohesh per ndonje varg te ketille, per femije, ne shqip. Te premtoj se shume prinder shqiptare do te falenderojne shume 🙂


  15. Dan says:

    I love it. I need a poam to tell my father that I love Him more then I do the past Forgiveness is everything. can you help ? thanks

  16. Jingle says:

    cute poem…

    welcome join our potluck today.
    Happy Monday!

  17. Stafford says:

    Lovely lilting lyric. But frozen frogs? Poor petite purple pamphibians! (made up the last word, but it could mean amphibians you find everywhere in poems). I am seriously into silly.

  18. tatannia says:

    makes me feel like that could be us out there in the cold like that nice way to put order keep being creative.

  19. Nana says:

    Looking out at the snow coming down as I read your poem, I feel for the four frustrated, freezing frogs!

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  21. anonymous says:


  22. Linda says:

    Would you mind if I post your 4 frustrated frog poem on a school wiki to show the children alliteration?

  23. dick says:

    thus is dum ditch

  24. dick says:

    this is dm

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