alliteration poems about winter

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Alliteration poems on winter

Alliteration Poems – Winter

Alliteration Poems – Winter


Winter walked wildly
Without worrying
Wearing a white wardrobe
Whispering wintry wind

©2010 Marinela Reka


Snowflakes smoothly slipping
From the shiny, soft and silky sky
Swaying silently and skillfully
So spectacular swirling by


©2012 Marinela Reka

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3 Responses to Alliteration poems on winter

  1. DCW says:

    Giggly gaggling gosh-darn gander
    Gabbling goofy goosey dander
    Finely feathered fowl fella
    Falls in love with Marinela

    (Can you blame him?)

  2. amanda brown says:

    I like these poem they.are.aweet

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