Adventure Poems 

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My hamster’s adventures

Adventure Poems 

Adventure Poems

My hamster’s adventures

My hamster has sharp teeth
He digs into the ground
and goes down beneath
But all I know is it took very long
one day he reached Hong Kong
He didn’t like it there
so he caught the aeroplane
He decided to go to Spain
He did not have to pay the fare
because he is not as big as a bear
He can just hide under a chair
He met up with some friends
Those were mice
And he thought that Spain is very nice
But still, he didn’t like it there
because the sun would burn his hair
So into someone’s bag, he went
to go and visit Kent
But Kent wasn’t good
so he thought to himself
Now I want to visit Hollywood
He was writing down a shopping list
Someone saw him and said
you should become an artist
He said “no thank you
something else I want to do
I have to finish travelling around the place
Do you know, one day
I am going to space”
He came back to London again
Now he is called the hamster with fame
This hamster ’s not the same
Because he has a special name
His name is Joey Brown
And lives in a small town
With my family and me
And he is very happy

Poems that I wrote when I was at the age of 6 to 8

© 2004  Marinela Reka

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    author’s note seemed to me very helpful and changed my outlook on many things.

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