poem about thankful heart

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Thankful Poem

Everyone you meet

Be thankful for every person you meet
No matter what their desire
Some walk into your life to disappoint
Whereas others appear to inspire

Some people are nothing but mistakes
So that lessons can be learnt
Others come with ideas and hope
So new pages can be turned

One may break your heart to pieces
But someone else will be the glue
All these people, good or bad
Have moulded the perfect you

© 2014 Marinela Reka

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4 Responses to Thankful Poem

  1. R.S Mallari says:

    I am not sure but I think I wrote something of the same team that’s why when I read it, It’s like reading my own 🙂 .. Very well crafted piece of writing.

  2. Edmund says:

    this is beautiful… 🙂

  3. harvey c. jones says:

    Beautiful and so easy to read and understand

  4. John says:

    Happy writing

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