5 W Poems

A collection of 5 W Poems.  5 W Poems consist of 5 simple lines. With the structure of:

Line 1: Who or what is the poem about?
Line 2: What is is going to happen?
Line 3: When does the activity take place
Line 4: Where does the action take place?
Line 5: Why does this action happen?

5 W Poems can be suitable for children to learn their 5 W Poems, or people of any age to write just for fun. It is a great way to play with words and produce a wonderful short poem. I have written examples of my own. I hope you enjoy reading it and should try to write one your self!

What you give is what you get

Gentle sign of peace

The outside appeared bizarrely bright

My soul was fast asleep

Nature did what it does best

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