Poem from daughter to mother

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Poem about poems for kids

Poem poems

Where else can I express my self?
Moan about what happened to me
I think there is no place other than
In poems and literacy

I can get many things off my chest
Just by writing it on some paper
I know that no-one can find out
So all my secrets feel much safer

I express my feelings with poetry
When I am happy or sad
I show my excitements
And write about days out with dad

I write poems when I am ecstatic
And when I don’t want to forget an event
I write poems after; Birthdays, Christmas
New year Easter and Lent

All I need is a pen and paper
And write my feelings with no fuss
This is why poems are me
And if you feel the same, then poems are us!

© 2006 Marinela Reka

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One Response to Poem about poems for kids

  1. Salman Kahnemouii says:

    It just made me nod all the way down the poem! %100 agreed!
    Your words are so clear and vivid! I surely pray for you! 😀

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