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It’s mummy’s birthday

What do you want as a surprise?
For your B’day mummy
A top, a rose, a card
Or a big B’day cake that’s very yummy

Oh I know what! You’d like a poem
Which tells you that I love you plenty
And hey happy B’day
Yes you are turning twenty.

I made that up, you are a BIT older than that,
But since when does age matter?
I love you the way you are
I don’t care if you get older, skinnier or fatter

So anyway, mum happy birthday
I look up to you, you are my inspiration
You give your children every thing:
Love, care, food, drink and education

So I hope you spend your special day
In love, peace and joy
I thought I would write you a poem
Because you would like that better than a cuddly toy

So I must say happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear mummy
Happy birthday to you

Copyright © 2004 Marinela Reka

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2 Responses to It’s mummy’s birthday

  1. Kelly Brown says:

    The poem is very good. Write please more

  2. alana says:

    i love my mummy xx

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