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Human Hearts – Alliteration Poem

Alliteration Poems are lovely to read as they flow off your tongue. They can be short poems or long poems, as much as you are capable off. They can be difficult if you are unable to find subject-specific words that start with the same letter or sound. But its great fun!:) Here is a alliteration example:

Human hearts

Honest hearts having hours of
hope, harmony and health
Heartbroken hearts happen to
handle hurtful hours
Hostile hearts holding
hate, hopelessness and harm
Helpful hearts helping
humankind hit happiness
Hilarious hearts having
hassle-free happy hours

© 2010 Marinela Reka

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58 Responses to Human Hearts – Alliteration Poem

  1. Jon Grove says:

    Super great read! Honest!

  2. Joan Vance says:

    Very great writing! Really.
    Amazing poetry!

  3. Joan vance says:

    i love it

  4. K.C says:

    onli a person that knows what love feels like would be able to write a poem like this. Love it 🙂

  5. leslee says:


    how lovely the words that being used and it is somewhat like tongue twister. hehehe but it was a nice poem… like it

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  7. senait esayas says:

    I thought i have one heart that show one colour but now thanks for ur poem i realize that one heart can show different perception ,imagine how many times our heart changes its colour with in the day event………..o Marinela thanks i share this to my friends.

  8. Ocean Girl says:

    Hi Marinela,
    I loved your alliteration poems!
    How about this: I navigated neatly at night, never noticing nature noises and nasty nimphs.

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