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Freestyle Poem – Moral Poems

Appreciate and love

If we are blessed with eyes
Why do we not see?
Are the ears we are given
Not capable for you and me
Why do our fingers just
Touch and not feel
And our minds hold evil
Not memories which are real
We should see a child, a baby
A husband and wife
And appreciate the amazement
Of the miracle of life
We should hear the birds chirp
In the early hours of the day
And listen carefully for their wings
As they flutter away
We should feel the heat on our skin
As the sun rises each morning
Or the breath we’ve been blessed with
As we cover our mouth yawning
We should remember the things people do
And the desires they’ve met
Instead of memorising their mistakes
And being too stubborn to forget
Life has been taken for granted
And stripped of its beauty
We must appreciate and love
As this is our only duty

© 2011 Marinela Reka

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14 Responses to Freestyle Poem – Moral Poems

  1. Hilary says:

    Hi Marinela .. that’s beautiful .. we should do exactly that love and appreciate .. put the negative aside and remember the positive .. all that is blessed with life and it’s peoples .. thanks – Hilary

  2. Lovely poem, Marinela!
    You are so young and so talented.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog.

  3. The first eight lines are thought provoking and then you follow on pointing out the little pleasures of life and nature we take for granted everyday. If only we would pay attention. Beautifully written and profound.
    I love your blog 🙂

  4. Mihir says:

    Hi there. Short poem but with meaning. Sometimes we just overlook little nuances of life to wait for something quite unreal to come.

    Good poem!


  5. Pietro says:

    I like this wonderful poem, Marinela. The thought is so true and right, valuable the rhymes too.
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Tigerbrite says:

    I trawl many poems on the net hoping to find something as beautiful as this.

  7. natalie says:

    What a beautiful poem, it really is making me learn to appreciate my boyfriend right now 😛


  8. Leslie White says:

    Beautiful reminders, Marinela!

  9. Well said…often advocating the same message…just not as directly…I greatly enjoyed reading this just as more as Enjoyed re-reading it once more. Your words hold a meaning of life to live. We just need to get all others on the wonderful bandwagon.

  10. Ramesh Sood says:

    Sooooooooo Haaaaaaaappy to be here..Marinela…isn’t this what keep saying..”Let us practice happiness’…what a delightful surprise you had here.. you are doing so well..

    Well, will wait for your visit to my page..

  11. Bardha nga Lezha says:

    Marinela, te pershendes nga Lezha dhe te uroj shume suksese ne jeten tende shkollore dhe profesionale. Te fala te gjitheve.

  12. Paul says:

    Marinela, another great poem..

    We have all been granted the miracle of life and its it should be a lesson to us all to go forth with an appreciation of our own existence and the existence of others.

    Take care.

    Paul @ Poetic Sauce 🙂

  13. Diana says:

    I have a page on facebook The Greateast Things in Life Can’t be Touched.
    I love your poetry and would love to share some on my page…with your permission.

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