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Explore poem

Poems about life and love

Open a window
Take a breath of fresh air
There are people that want you
There are people that care
Outside there is a world
Bigger than its seems
Its not there for us to be grim
It’s to for fill our dreams
Live life as a fairytale
Don’t make it a bore
There are chances around you
So don’t be scared and explore

© 2008 Marinela Reka

Poems about life and love

Poems about life and love

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2 Responses to Explore poem

  1. faryal says:

    tese poems are totaly fabulus!little children share their imagination from the people of world.i wana share a poem of mine whith you when i was seven!i wish if you would add it in your list of poems.its an acrostic poem on rain.
    Roaring clouds
    Amazing weather
    Indigo sky
    Noisy thunders
    i wish if you add my poem. its my dream!lol!sos!

  2. faryal says:

    sorry!i dont have any website.these poems are outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love this website. i solute the girl who wrote kind words.i wanna tell you my poem. i wrote when i was 5.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can you add it in your list of poems.its topic is “THIS IS LASI”. This is lasi . she is the masi. of a queen . she has been. working from three years . for the queens ears. because they are not clean. she has seen. the queen is so ugly . more than a ghost. she is the host. of kids kitchen. one day she made a chicken. the chicken laid an egg. the hen lose her leg…. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee add it in your poem list.byeeeee.

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